(SISTER) SO[U]LACE noun 1 solace comfort and support in time of distress, disappointment. 2 SOULACE a brace or beam of wood used for support between a rafter and a collar beam. verb 3 SISTER SOULACE women inspiring, supporting and connecting with each other.



We all need someone to walk beside us as we travel life’s path and navigate the inevitable bumps in the road. These soul-to-soul sessions arise when a meaning-filled conversation can help bring clarity and comfort in times of grief or during distress.



Vanessa Slack embraces adventure (unless it’s cliff jumping) and exhibits a spirit of playfulness (we all need a daily dose of fun), while understanding the need to befriend discomfort; she believes “real life” happens in the tension filled space between joy and despair. 



The idea for the Soulace Circle came out of a desire to bring together a small group of women with whom to explore and reflect, in hopes of inspiring, supporting and connecting us—to each other and to ourselves. 


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Sister Soulace

70 Acredale Drive, Carlisle, ON L0R1H2