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Passion and Compassion

Vanessa holds a Master of Theological Studies and certification in Bereavement Education. She is passionate about women’s spirituality which she believes is uniquely embodied and authentic and messy and comforting and creative. She is married, is the mother of 3 sons and is most at home playing on the water (typically with her boys at the cottage).  Vanessa loves to sing and gigs locally; she works out at FirePower in Milton as well as with her mates at a boot camp in her neighbourhood; Vanessa has a not-so-secret addiction to funky belt buckles and rock’n’roll boots, and, she happily bakes chocolate chip cookies, but preferably only after midnight. 

Vanessa has been compassionately facilitating soul-centred conversations for years: with her students when she was a high school theology teacher and as the originator of a “Women’s Wellness” club for female students; as the Team Leader instructor/mentor at Echo Lake Youth Camp; as the Soulace Circle mediator for Spring Fit Mexico as well as at Mighty Girls Camp; and, as the Spirit Walk facilitator at Fall Fit Women’s Weekend.

Vanessa firmly believes the spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional, and social facets of the human person are of equal value and deserve equal attention; but, it may take a lifetime to figure out how to balance each of these areas of import. Real Life, friends! 

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